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Sunday: Closed

 What is Big R's....Why the "R"...?? We get that ALOT! R stands for Revolution. To us....Revolution means "A change in the common way of thinking....a new way of doing things." BBQ to us is not what it was originally. BBQ was a way to make a lesser meat taste we as Americans would slather that hunk of meat in sauce or seasoning and "BBQ" it until it was falling-apart tender. We've changed that...not only BBQ but the commonplace business of "restauranting" altogether. We are not Fancy. We are Real. We are From-Scratch. Our family has been in the restaurant business since 1985 and in this business that makes us solid. 

        We opened here on 15th Street in 1998.  Some of our menu selections change from time to time and the general opinion is that Big R's is not really BBQ.  That's true, because we are something altogether different.  Revolutionary to be clear.

       Each morning we start before the sun comes up....Homemade Rolls and From Scratch Pies are started and the Firebox is filled with Hickory....same wood we've used since 1985...We use only a light salt & white pepper over ONLY the best quality meats and let the Slow-Smoke do its thing.  The rest of our meats are cut fresh daily, from our Hand-Pattied Burgers to our Award Winning Chicken-Fried Steaks.

        We have a small joint on the corner in the center of town.  We serve Great lunches and dinners, unbeatable desserts, and have a full bar.  We have a dedicated staff that care about our customers.  We have an eclectic, Hillbilly-Chic style.  We work hard and greatly appreciate good food.  Eating well is one of the joys of life and we're certain that you'll agree that we are different...Revolutionary.

      I was raised to work hard and appreciate a good meal.  I am grateful for our customers that have afforded me the opportunity, and the good Lord giving me the ability to teach my children the same thing.  Hard work pays off and nothing finishes a meal like an excellent dessert.

Not Revolutionary but for sure True.

Come on over and you'll agree that "We Have the Meat You Can't Beat and The Pie You Can't Deny!"

"The meat you can't beat and the pie you can't deny!"